We recently covered some tips of what to do before you file a renters insurance claim. Being prepared beforehand is absolutely key, and knowing how to proceed afterwards doesn’t hurt either.

  1. Protect yourself and your property from further loss. Most renters insurance policies have a section called “your duties after loss,” which is very important to read through. This entails in large that you need to take common sense measures to protect yourself and your property from being damaged further. If you fail to do so, your claim may go by unpaid.
  2. Tell everyone that needs to know. If necessary, call law enforcement about thefts. Call your insurance company. Call your agent. Tell your family or roommates. Let everyone who needs to know, know.
  3. Cooperate with claims adjusters. Claims can be delayed if you don’t answer emails or phone calls in a timely manner. Don’t be that person.

Image via Money Crashers.